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Our Expertise

We maximize your long term profitability and opportunities for growth.

Strategy & Planning

Strategic issues around the business model and changes in the market

Cost Reduction

Revenue or cost issues that are flattening and or reducing your growth and profitability

Liquidity Crises

Liquidity crisis restricting your growth and or threatening the business’s survival

Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

Improve B2B has worked in all of these sectors with their unique and common challenges to improve competitiveness, compliance and sales.

As technology continues to disrupt these sectors and historically profitable business models it provides opportunities for companies that are agile with new strategic intent. 

For example, the revenue and profit mix of supplying the original equipment OE compared to providing the after sales services continues to change and represents a common theme where the equipment’s availability is critical.

You need more than a specialist sector consultant to stay ahead of your competitors, you need someone that understands the intricacies of the industry plus those of other sectors and can bring this expertise together in clear actionable plans to accelerate profit. They must also be able to deliver on speed of implementation necessary in this market.


  • Saved over £17m annually for Europe-wide Rail Group and Automotive Groups
  • Secured more than $4bn of new business for Original Equipment Manufacturers (automotive OEM) across Europe, the USA, and Asia
  • Turned around the threat of loss of 40% of market for an aerospace after service business in a global top 5 aerospace company worth over $15om PA
  • Saved over 14m Euros on cost of completion with cost reductions on mechanical components in aerospace on a 150m Euro spend.


PE and companies running a PE model of Identify – Buy – Improve – Sell expect fast results that drive enterprise value. Improve B2B has supported companies in this area with : 

  • Making your company fit for funding – your looking for funding or a sale but are concerned that the valuation may not recognise the true value of the company
  • Dynamic Due Diligence – we look at the strategy and operations and provide a clear view of where a company is, where it could be and what would be required
  • Operational Improvements – driving efficiencies, gross margin, sales and reducing operating expenses
  • Disposals and Clean up – removing non-performing assets, customer accounts and products. Cleaning up any pending or existing litigation and liabilities
  • Growth Engine – Planning and capturing new profitable growth opportunities with new products, new markets, and increase the efficiency of supply chains and communications


  • Completed due diligence and forward-looking improvement plans for PE companies in the area of automotive tier one, renewable energy and technology
  • Redesigned and resourced a technology product with a result of 27m$ saving PA
  • Led the rationalisation of manufacturing operations in France, Germany and Italy with 20m$ savings PA


The energy and technology sectors have been experiencing a huge change in the past decade. As green solutions become economically viable, energy costs become increasingly important and new markets open up, for generating, measuring, storing and improving usage efficiency. 

The potential for growth is massive.

However, as in any high-growth industry, keeping up with changes can be challenging; Technology maturity, Product/Market life cycles, Competitors, Development opportunities/risks, Supply chain partners and Customer demands.  ImproveB2B has operated in this sector and understands these challenges.


  • Recovered failing Sales Inventory Operations Planning SIOP process in multiple companies reducing working capital and excess stock by up to 62% while lifting on-time delivery performance by 35%
  • Resourced between Contract Electonic Manufacturers and transferred product between internal sites saving on average 22%
  • Solved line stop issues on critical products causing between 1.5-6m$ of cost per week from broken supplier relationships and component shortages in 3 companies in this sector

Improve B2B has built a powerful network of like-minded practitioners with a minimum of 10 years specialist sector and functional experience to deliver high-value projects to clients with superior returns on investment.