Value Creation at the Shard London

Shard London Entrepreneurs, Consultants and Business Owners Feb 2022

Value Creation in 2 minutes

I was invited to meet with a group of entrepreneurs including WBS MBAs at an event at the Shaad London in February 2022 hosted by Warwick Business School. Focused group discussions around Consultancy in the afternoon – for me this was around Entrepreneurship and M&A the principal focus of my activities. But first, I had to provide a 2-minute pitch!
How do you put 30 years of starting recovering and building businesses into 2 minutes? Like many of us I have been searching for that Unifying Theory of Business success. This is what I said ……..

Your focus must be on the following :

Business Development –– its all about managing the depth and the momentum in the new business pipeline.

Strategy and Execution Problems and Solutions -its rarely just about strategy both on the problem side and solution!

Value Creation – its all about driving valuation! And simply put VALUE uplift comes from increasing future free cash flows while reducing required new investment and; Reducing RISKS that can threaten the cash flows.
Everything we do must positively impact Value Creation.
ALSO Think about disruptors as one of the main risks businesses face today.

This is a PEOPLE business -it’s all about the people not the spreadsheets.

If this simplicity resonates with you reach out to me for a discussion on networking and equitable deal structures.


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