Renewables Take Over

IEA Share of cumulative power capacity by technology, 2010-2027
IEA License CC BY 4.0

Accelerating Towards Net Zero

The surge of renewables is a testament to the evolving energy landscape, where green power is no longer the underdog but the leader in global energy sources. The energy crisis, exacerbated by geopolitical tensions, has galvanized an unparalleled shift towards renewables.

The International Energy Agency (IEA) projects an 85% acceleration in renewable capacity within five years, an uptick nearly 30% higher than previous forecasts​​. The acceleration of Solar post-2022 is especially evident in the above.

By 2025, renewables will overtake legacy energy sources as the primary electricity generator, expected to constitute 38% of the power mix by 2027​​. Solar PV will notably outshine coal’s installed capacity, reflecting an almost threefold increase, while wind power, especially offshore, is set to nearly double​​. This momentum could further amplify by 25% if policy, regulatory, and financial hurdles are navigated effectively, potentially closing the gap toward a net-zero pathway by 2050​​. The renewable energy revolution is underway, heralding a future of sustainability and resilience.

As always a portfolio approach is required for Net Zero solutions across :

Solar, wind, biogas/biofuel, waste to energy, hydro, cleaner nuclear, coal, and gas.

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