Rise of Electric Vehicles and the SMART Grid


Here is an article I recently wrote and was published

Here is an article I recently wrote for the publication EnergyEngineering looking at the increase in EV’s and their impact on the Electricity Grid.

Contact Energy Engineering directly for a hardcopy of their publication. Energy Engineering magazine provides a diverse and engaging mix of features written by industry professionals on a fast-moving industry that is significant from an engineering, environmental, and political perspective.

As an addendum to this article which underlines the rapid growth as important although the number of EVs compared to the total population is small. With disruptive technologies, especially around software and electronics, there is often a miscalculation of the speed of deployment and market share due to not recognising that the early-stage growth is in fact exponential and not liner. Remember Kodak and the assumption that digital cameras will grow according to linear extrapolation according to moore’s law (processor development).

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